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Laguna Beach Independent
November 17, 2006
Evren Ozan
By Greg White

Evren Ozan has just released his third studio album. You might not think this is such a big deal until you consider the fact that this local boy is just barely a teenager at 13 years old!
Embraced by the Native flute community as a young prodigy, Evren has twice been the recipient of the “Rising Star” award at the Native American Music Awards Ceremony, following the release of each of his two previous albums. With ALLUVIA, his third release in six years, we can expect further endorsements from the Native American community, as well as other circles.
ALLUVIA, referring to the sediments that are carried downstream, is an apt title because it hints at all the various influences that have collected in the mind of this young artist, and therefore appear in his performances and compositions. Guided by the able hand of producer Mac Ritchey who has produced all three of Evren’s albums to date, ALLUVIA distills many world musics into an effective and provocative fusion, creating a dynamic blend of African, Indonesian, folk, jazz, rock, reggae, and Native American stylings. Each track is different, some providing the listener with danceable grooves, others something to meditate with, and perhaps more importantly, others can provide something inspirational. An example of the latter can be on on “An Ephemeral Dream,” a Pat Metheny-like dreamscape in 7/4 time, which evokes feelings of yearning and introspection.
Tracks like “Jacaranda,” “The Climb” and “Two if by Camel” make you want to move your feet in celebration of the joy of living, whereas the track “Shavasanah” creates an absolutely sublime stillness perfect for yoga or meditation.
Throughout the album there are touches of Brian Eno-like synth treatments and Peter Gabriel-like backing tracks that create an intriguing platform for this young flautist to demonstrate that he is listening to the music of this world and that he has something to give in return. Listening to Evren’s new album gives one a sense of hope and rebirth, a feeling that the future is indeed bright and that young artists of this world will necessarily continue to innovate and produce meaningful contributions, the net result being a lifting of the spirits for all who listen.
Of course, the Sound Spectrum has plenty of Evren’s albums in stock and for listening. Stop by and check out this young talent before he grows up and move on to bigger and better things!

Ozan Music
ALLUVIA: Evren Ozan
Review by Sandra Hale Schulman
December 25, 2006

Prodigy flute player Evren Ozan is growing up right before our ears. In this complex, sophisticated new album, he emerges as an aural world traveler, absorbing the sounds and influences of African and American jazz while combining them with his Native roots.
Now 13, Evren has been playing flute for almost half his life. IMAGES OF WINTER, Evren’s first album, was recorded when he was seven years old at Possum Hall Studios in New Hampshire. It was released in the summer of 2001, and in October of that year, Evren was a featured performer at the Native American Music Awards and recognized as “Rising Star.”
AS THINGS COULD BE was recorded at Possum Hall Studios when Evren was nine, and has received widespread national and international radio play, as well as favorable reviews and recognition by Backroads Music as one of 2003’s best instrumental albums. Evren received a second “Rising Star” from the Native American Music Awards in February 2005, for this album nominated in the “Best Instrumental” and “Best New Age” categories.
The latest CD, ALLUVIA, was recorded with producer Mac Ritchey at Possum Hall Studio just before Evren’s 13th birthday. The titles hint at some of his current interests – his dog Belle (Belle’s Quirky Independence); interest in art (Chiaroscuro); and perhaps nature (An Olive Branch, The Banyan Tree, Alpenglow).
Evren has had the honor of performing with several world-class musicians, and receiving gifts from renowned flute makers all across the country. His music is heard on award-winning independent films and he has accompanied professional dance companies performing to his music. Evren is also heard on other albums, most notably a winter solstice album released by Silverwave in 2003, and a collaborative meditation album recorded at Possum Hall Studios in the summer of 2004, when Evren was 11.
Originally from Massachusetts, Evren lives in southern California and is active in the regional flute circle. His other interests include rock drums, radio controlled model plane flying, skateboarding, and spending time with his pets, especially Belle, his black Lab. On the Net: www.ozanmusic.com

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