>> About Evren

Evren was six years old when he discovered the native flute on a cross-country road trip.  At the first stop, the Grand Canyon, Evren went straight to the native instruments counter and picked out a cedar flute.  He paid for it with all of his trip allowance, and has been playing native flutes ever since. 

Evren has released three independent, instrumental albums:  IMAGES OF WINTER (2001); AS THINGS COULD BE (2003) and ALLUVIA (2006).  Some highlights of his music career include a featured solo performance at the Native American Music Awards when he was eight, being named a Davidson Fellow in Music at eleven, performing throughout the continental US and in Alaska, Hawaii, England, Belgium and, in Germany, in affiliation with Doctors Without Borders.  He has performed at events featuring Jane Goodall, Robert Kennedy, Jr., John McConnell, founder of Earth Day, and many, many environmental, charitable and educational venues, as well as concert halls, museums, schools, festivals, galleries and private events. (For a broader list of performance venues, please press here.) 

Evren has appeared in media such as National Geographic’s WORLD, News from Indian Country, Time for Kids, Scholastic, New Age Reporter, Body and Soul Magazine, Global Rhythms, Public Radio International’s, “The World,” and diverse public, independent, internet and international radio and satellite programs, newspapers and magazines.  His music is also featured in numerous independent films.  (For a chronology of media and appearances, please press here; for music reviews, please press here.)

  Evren is a member of the Recording Academy and was named on the 50th Grammy Awards Entry List for “Best New Artist” and “Best New Age Album” for ALLUVIA.  The Native American Music Awards named ALLUVIA “Best Instrumental Recording” for 2007, and recognized Evren as “Rising Star” in both 2001 and 2005.  (For a broader list of nominations, awards and recognitions, please press here.)

Born in 1993, Evren is of Anglo, Osage and Turkish descent.  He has studied music theory and improvisation with Berklee Music and Stanford University’s EPGY, native flute with traditional instrument maker and musician, Guillermo Martinez, and continues to study classical silver flute and theory.  (For a studio or session resume, please press here.)   Mac Ritchey of Possum Hall Studios has produced all of Evren’s albums to date,  and a fourth album is in pre-production.   A homeschooler, Evren’s other interests include flying and downhill skateboarding. In 2009, Evren was named the IGSA Junior Downhill World Champion, and in the fall of 2011, Evren began college full-time. While majoring in pilot aviation training and logging time at a local airport, Evren continues to perform and demonstrate the Native American flute to audiences of all ages.