>> Images of Winter

After "Images of Winter" was released, Evren was honored as "the future of Native American music" at the 2001 awards. The album was recorded when he was 7 years old.

1) Winter Hawk
2) Soaring
3) Dream Time
4) Remember Me
5) Stargazing
6) Turkish Song

7) Moonlit Forest

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>> Alluvia

ALLUVIA features Native American flute and contemporary instrumentation with world music, jazz and occasional west African influences.  Recorded at Possum Hall Studio just before Evren's 13th birthday, and released Nov, 2006.

1) Belle's Quirky Independence
2) Taval
3) Jacaranda

4) An Ephemeral Dream
5) The Climb
6) Loss

7) Alpenglow
8) Chiaroscuro
9) Two if by Camel
10) Banyan Tree
11) An Olive Branch
12) Shavasanah

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>> As Things Could Be

Evren recorded "As Things Could Be" when he was nine years old with musicians of 35th Parallel (www.35thparallel.com) and guest performers Graham Wiggins (aka Dr. Didg) and Guillermo Martinez. Evren was awarded "Rising Star" by the Native American Music Awards in Feb. 2005 for this album.

1) Great Blue Sky
2) Walking With Belle
3) As Things Could Be
4) A Candle in Every Window
5) Nebula
6) Prayer for the Past

7) Roots and Vines
8) Amble Eastward
9) Vigil
10) Mad Science 101
11) Twilight
12) Prayer for the Future

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